Are you a parent with concerns
that your child has a developmental delay
or that Something May Be Wrong”?

Inspire Sensory is a supportive voice to increase knowledge about typical and exceptional early childhood development. We create safe, clear-sighted experiences for central brain development and improvement efforts in screening, parenting, consultation, and referral to early intervention and related services.


Have you watched your infant or toddler and wondered “Is this behavior typical?” 

This question crosses the mind of every loving parent. 

In fact, you probably have this question every day or even multiple times a day when you suspect brain development is compromised.


How to Identify & Address a Problem


How to talk to a Parent


How to Approach Someone Close to You


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Do you need help to identify the difference
between behavior and sensory-based actions?

 Inspire Sensory is a supportive and loving voice to help children grow and learn. 
 I have expertise in observing behaviors and providing behavior tools and resources for children with - without a diagnosed developmental delay. 
 Am proficient in creating safe, playful experiences for central brain development and improvement efforts in screening, parenting, consultation, and referral to early intervention services.




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Hello, my name is Nina Vincent, creator of Inspire Sensory.

28 years ago my daughter Ashley was born with Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum (ACC) a birth defect that occurs when the connections between the right and left sides of a child’s brain don’t form correctly. 

Today Ashley is doing admirably well.

Children with delayed development are my expertise.

 I have a desire and a love to identify concerns with the overall development, sensory, and social behavior of infants and children to assist families in these situations.

Most parents don't know about developmental disabilities and may interpret their child’s behavior incorrectly or negatively.


Early intervention can improve delays in development.

I have the expertise of observing children and providing behavior modification tools and resources.

I have expertise in recommending specific sensory therapeutic products to comfort children. 



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Developmental Delays

Developmental delays among infants, young children, and youth are common and present considerable public health concerns.

Are you aware that 1 in 6 children aged 3–17 struggle with developmental delays that have an impact on how children play, comprehend, communicate, and move?

Numerous children with a developmental delay, might not be identified until months after attending school. 

By integrating universal developmental and social-emotional screening, children can be identified earlier to receive interventions they desperately need.

Consultation Services

We empower and support parents as active partners in the developmental screening process. 

We monitor age-appropriate developmental milestones for your child.

Provide private consultation for questions and concerns regarding your individual young child or the classroom setting.

We promote healthy development
for your child’s progress, growth,
and success.


We offer tools, resources, and activities to improve learning and development for your child.



My child can't understand and follow simple directions. 


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Common Questions or Concerns:


 I am a parent, child care provider/teacher, and have serious concerns related to my child's development. 

 I am fearful to indicate my concerns because I've been informed my child is typical and all children develop in completely different ways. 

My child can't roll a car or stack blocks like other children the same age. 

 I have questions about my baby's hearing and vision.



 My child lines up cars, blocks, and other objects in a row and gets very agitated if the order is disturbed.  

 My child does not take interest in other children

 Do you have concerns that your child is not speaking at their age level?




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